Enjoying scrumptious moon cakes with your beloved ones is the most wonderful moment of Mid-Autumn festival. Following the success of the First moon cake season 2017, San Fu Lou is so excited to present the delightful Moon cake Gift Box called: “THE ESSENCE OF THE FULL MOON SEASON” this year. This mooncake packaging design featured the contemporary Oriental floral patterns with wine red as the primary color will be a meaningful gift for your family, friends and important colleagues.

Each cake made from healthy ingredients is placed inside a delicate box

There are 2 kinds of elegant, luxurious Mooncake Gift Box featured the contemporary Oriental floral patterns:


Standard box design is elegant, creative with the form of two-story drawers

Included 04 cakes with traditional and modern flavors:

Thu Cảnh – Mung Bean, Egg Yolk (150 gram): The purity of green bean cakes melting in your mouth will associate yourself in an August peaceful moonnight.

Trăng Rằm – Lotus, Chia Seed with Apricot (150 gram): this luxurious mooncake filling is the sum of healthy seeds such as Lotus seeds, Chia seeds and Apricots, giving everyone full of emotion in the Mid-Autumn.

Đoàn Viên: Roasted Chicken, Egg York (150 gram): The combination of premium Roasted Chicken and Egg York will create perfect flavor, bring the warm moments to your family.

Sung Túc: Savory Mixed Fillings, Egg Yolk (150 gram): There is nothing better than grabbing a cup of fresh tea, putting on your mouth a slice from Savory Mixed Fillings in mid-autumn festival.

  • THE PREMIUM BOX: 1,288,000 VND/box

The luxurious premium box has 3-storey with sturdy handle

Included 8 cakes with high – quality flavors:

Thu Cảnh – Mung Bean (100 gram)

Trăng Rằm – Lotus, Chia Seed with Apricot (100 gram)

Thường Nga – Lotus, Cranberry (100 gram): The combination between the sweetness of Lotus Seed and the strange sour of Cranberry makes this mooncake taste amazing.

Chú Cuội – Tiramisu (100gram): Tiramisu cake blows the taste buds right out of your mouth, with a classy and irresistible Coffee aroma.

Sum Vầy – Taro, Egg York (100 gram): Hidden in the crust of golden yellow cake, Taro is the best-selling traditional filling on every Mid-Autumn Festival.

An Nhiên – Lotus with Pandan, Egg York (100 gram):  The fragrant flavor of Lotus, Pandan mixed with the fatty flavor of Egg York will give you an unforgettable experience.

Đoàn Viên – Roasted Chicken with Shark Fin, Egg York (200 gram): Shark Fin – which is a valuable source from the ocean, is often presented in the lavish party of the ancient king and nobles.  The combination between Shark Fin and Roasted Chicken  creates a perfect mooncake to impress with this festive season.

Sung Túc – XO Abalone, Egg Yolk (200 gram): This excellent taste will follow you every moment thanks to the unique combination of premium Abalone and selected grains. This is a meaningful gift to show your gratitude towards your beloved one.

Customers can buy 02 gift boxes (Standard box and Premium box) in the restaurant system of San Fu Lou, Di Mai, Sorae. Besides, they can buy in bulk via Hotline: 0934 148 974.

San Fu Lou – Cantonese kitchen:

San Fu Lou Le Lai: AB Tower, 76 Le Lai, District 1 – (028) 38239513

San Fu Lou Phan Xích Long: 195 -197 Phan Xich Long, District Phu Nhuan – (028) 35176168

San Fu Lou 3/2: 24 Ba Tháng Hai, District 10, (028) 38620920

San Fu Lou Crescent Mall: Ground Floor, 101 Ton Dat Tien, District 7 – (028) 54141193

San Fu Lou Rome A: Ground Floor, 117 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3 – (028) 39302808

San Fu Lou Vincom Center Dong Khoi: 28A – B3, 72 Le Thanh Ton, District 1 – (028) 3910 6586

Dì Mai – Vietnamese restaurant:

Dì mai Ben Thanh: 136 – 138 Le Thi Hong Gam, District 1 – 028 3821 7786

Dì Mai Landmark 81: 773 Dien Bien Phu, District Binh Thanh – 028 3636 2624

Sorae Sushi Sake & Lounge:

Floor 24 -25, AB Tower, 76A Le Lai, District 1 – (028) 38 272 372 – ‎093 868 7689

Exclusive offers:

Number of boxes 1 – under 10 10 – under 30 30 – under 60 60 – under 100 100 and above
Offer for Standard Box purchase Discount 10%

(Applied for membership card)

Get 1 Standard Box for free Get 1 Premium Box or 2 Standard Boxes for free every purchase of 15 Boxes Discount 10% on total bill Discount 20% on total bill
Offer for Premium Box purchase Discount 10%

(Applied for membership card)

Get 1 Premium Box for free Get 1 Premium Box and 1 Standard Box for free every purchase of 15 Boxes Discount 15% on total bill Discount 20% on total bill

Besides, diners also receive attractive incentives when enjoying food at our restaurant:
– 15% discount (up to 5 boxes) with food bill over 1.5 million per day.
– 20% discount (up to 9 boxes) with food bill over 2.5 million per day.

Being made from carefully selected ingredients and creatively designed, Moon Cake Gift Box “The essence of the full moon season” will become an impressive gift to your beloved ones.

Về San Fu Lou:

Becoming one of the main restaurants of Capella D1 Group, San Fu Lou continues to win customer’s heart by serving irrresistably delicious Cantonese cuisine in a luxurious Chinese space. The highlight of the restaurant is an open kitchen – where guests can watch the chef’s cooking process. Currently, San Fu Lou has launched 6 new restaurants located in prime location of Ho Chi Minh city, meeting the demand of diners – who want to experience the essence of Cantonese cuisine.

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