Organize Year-end party at San Fu Lou to get special offers

Let’s experience San Fu Lou’s set menu for the YEAR-END PARTY that is applied for a minimum of 10 people:

+ Set menu 299,000 VND+/ pax
+ Set menu 345,000 VND+/ pax
+ Set menu 360,000 VND+/pax

Moreover, San Fu Lou has many SPECIAL BENEFITS depending on the number of guests ordering set menu 299,000 VND+/ pax as following: 

Ưu đãi Package 1

15 – 29 guests

Package 2

30 – 49 guests

Package 3

50 guest and more

Basic decoration x x x
Gift for guests (Voucher 100,000) x x x
Projector (AV, Mic, Projector,…) x x x
Discount for seafood 10% 10% 20%
Discount for SFL sauce 10% 10% 20%
Photoshoot x x
Dessert x x
Voucher fo party owner   500,000 1,000,000